What Should I Do?  If you Coach, Consult, Lead or Manage a work team, how many times a day are you asked this question?  Louise Anne Maurice created these free training resources for you to use.  These solutions will support you to develop an empowered prevention approach to guiding people toward success.  Download the What Should I Do PDF that gives you a strategy to follow plus links to educational resources.  Watch the accompanying video for What Should I Do Insight from Louise.  You walk away with done-for-you Empowered Prevention Solutions.

These PDF Documents Are FREE to Download.  No Email Address or Sign-Up is Required.  

WhatShouldIDoPart1.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart1.pdf
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WhatShouldIDoPart2.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart2.pdf
Size : 400.189 Kb
Type : pdf
WhatShouldIDoPart3.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart3.pdf
Size : 406.265 Kb
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WhatShouldIDoPart4.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart4.pdf
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WhatShouldIDoPart5.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart5.pdf
Size : 396.442 Kb
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WhatShouldIDoPart6.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart6.pdf
Size : 412.622 Kb
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WhatShouldIDoPart7.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart7.pdf
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WhatShouldIDoPart8.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart8.pdf
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WhatShouldIDoPart9.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart9.pdf
Size : 395.222 Kb
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WhatShouldIDoPart10.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart10.pdf
Size : 405.872 Kb
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WhatShouldIDoPart11.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart11.pdf
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WhatShouldIDoPart12.pdf WhatShouldIDoPart12.pdf
Size : 418.888 Kb
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